Nano Quest

Lots of structures and processes involve materials loosely combined, like a pile of bricks, or material moving unpredictably, like thundershowers. But when we apply science, engineering, and work on the "macro" scale, we can turn bricks into cities and pipe water into our homes. Materials can be made or moved atom by atom, allowing special new properties and uses. Nanotechnology is about applying science, engineering, and work on the "nano" scale, where measurements range up to about 100 nanometers—the size of a few molecules—and where everything is moving and shaking.

Do you realize that when you smell something yummy or disgusting, it means that molecules from that substance have reached your nose? You can’t even see them, but they’re there. Imagine trying to work with these nano scale objects to invent things and solve problems…that’s nanotechnology!

Nanotechnology can be thought of as the understanding and use of traditional sciences on the nano scale to achieve results we’ve never seen before, and those results are already finding their way into our daily lives. For example, a special treatment for fabric is already becoming available that can make it impossible to get your clothes wet or dirty!

The 2005-2006 FLL Challange Nanoquest explored the use of nano technology and gave the students participating insight into engineering on the microscopic level.

Team 230 was involved in mentoring the Shelton FLL Team in addion to hosting a CT State Qualifying Event.  Held at the University of Bridgeport 12 team would compete for a few spots at the State competition.