Body Forward

The goal of the FIRST Lego League teams every year is to build a completely autonomous robot, made of Lego pieces and programmed using MINDSTORM technology that will compete in a themed competition. They score points by competing missions in a period of two and a half minutes. The 2010 competition is called Body Forward and is centered on biomedical engineering. The missions include aligning an arm band and setting a blue cast over the break, using the splint leg and kicking a ball with it, and dropping items such a pace maker and a cardiac patch on a heart. Penalties are given for violations, such as field damage or touching the robot outside of the base. Altogether this year’s competition was meant to introduce players to innovative ways to repair injuries, overcome genetic predispositions, and maximize the body's potential.

FIRST Team 230 mentored four Lego teams and hosted the Shelton Regional Lego event this year very successfully.