Stack Attack

The 2003 FIRST Robotics Competition Game, Stack Attack, involved stacking plastic storage containers on each alliance's side of a ramp. The 2 minute and 10 second game had 3 periods: a 10 second human player period, a 15 second autonomous period and a 2 minute drive team-controlled period. Team members could place a stack of containers anywhere on the field during the first 10 seconds.  Alliances started each match by racing to knock the stacks of 29 containers off of the ramp platform onto their side of the field.  Each container fully on an alliance's half of the field was worth 1 point.  The total number of containers in an alliance's zone was multiplied by the number of containers in the highest stack on that side of the field at the end of the match.  Robots could end the game on top of the ramp platform in order to score an extra 25 points.