FIRST Frenzy

The 2004 FIRST Robotics Competition Game, FIRST Frenzy, Raising the Bar, involved scoring balls in either stationary or mobile alliance goals and hanging on a bar 10 feet in the air above a platform of steps. The 2 minute game had 2 periods: a 15 second autonomous period and a 1 minute 45 second drive team-controlled period. Alliances had to trigger a Ball Release during the autonomous period in order to obtain small balls for scoring.  If the Ball Release was not triggered, balls would automatically drop after 45 seconds.  Small balls could be scored in either of the alliance's goals for 5 points each.  Points gained by the number of small balls within a goal were doubled if the goal was capped by a large ball.  Robots hanging off of the 10 foot bar at the end of each match earned alliances 50 points each.