Rack 'n Roll

            The central game piece of the 2007 First Robotics game, Rack and Roll, is the titular rack, a metal, multi-armed structure in the center of the playing field.  The rack has three levels of arms, with each level having a total of eight arms evenly spaced apart.  The object of the game is to hang the game pieces, in the form of inner tubes on the arms of the rack.  Each arm can hold two inner tubes.

            There are also several different types of tubes.  The standard type of tubes is called "Ringers”.  Ringers are plain colored tubes whose color depends on the alliance they belong to.  They

may be placed by robots on the arms of the rack during the teleoperated period.  Alliances may place their own Ringers over those of their opponents, preventing their opponents from scoring while gaining points for themselves.  Two points are awarded for a single Ringer placed, and additional points can be gained by positioning rows of Ringers.  The second type of tube, called “Keepers”, may only be used in autonomous mode.  Like Ringers, Keepers come in either red or blue, but also have white lettering on one side to distinguish them.  If the robots can place these tubes on the rack while in autonomous mode, they score points.  Keepers cannot be removed or blocked, any team that attempts to will incur a penalty against their alliance.  Once autonomous mode ends, keepers may no longer be scored.  The final tube type is referred to as “Spoilers”.  These tubes are completely black, and, unlike the other two types, cannot be scored in any way.  The purpose of the Spoilers is to negate the Ringers of the opposing alliance.  A team may place a Spoiler over another team’s Ringer, negating the previously placed Ringer.  However, Spoilers cannot be placed over Keepers.  While Ringers and Keepers begin on the playing field, human players may place Spoilers and additional Ringers on the field through chutes on their end of the field.