FIRST OverDrive

FIRST OverDrive is the 2008 FIRST Robotics Competition game. The racing themed game is based around a field that is shaped like a racing track.

The playing field is very similar to a typical race track. There are two finish lines in the middle of the field. Robots get points for crossing over their alliance?s finish line. Above the finish lines, there are 6 foot tall overpasses that hold the trackballs at the beginning of the match.

Teams can score by causing their trackballs to cross the alliance finish line. Even more points can be scored by throwing the ball over the overpass, also known as ?hurdling?. A final bonus can be obtained by placing the track balls back on the overpass before the end of the match.

A new addition to this year?s game that may test and try teams is the ability to use a remote control with up to four programmed functions on it. The problem- with six robots on the field, remote signals can easily be confused. Not only that, but the drivers of the robot are not in the same part of the field as the person using the remote, so communication may cause issues. It remains to be seen whether the teams will deem it worthwhile to place their trust in the "Robocoach."

Each match consists of two periods: Hybrid mode, where pre-programmed motions and the robocoach can be used, and the Teleoperated Period where the drive team has control of the robot. The Hybrid period is fifteen seconds long and the Teleoperated period is two minutes.

This game is also different because it is a very offense oriented game. The rules leave very few ways to block the opponent from scoring points. It?s more of a race to the finish. Overdrive is proving to be a very complicated game and it will be interesting to see what unfolds during competition so come out and support the teams!