Ever wanted to be an astronaut? A basketball player? Well, this year's FIRST Robotics Competition, dubbed "Lunacy," is for you!

Rather than carpet, the the game is played on a special, low friction, material that simulates the surface and low gravity environment on the moon.

Each robot is attached to a trailer that resembles a large basket with a pole in the middle. The goal of the game is for each robot to get as many "moon rocks," the mesh balls that are this year's game piece, into the opposing alliance’s trailers. Moon rocks can be scored by both robots on the field and human players standing at each alliance station in addition to a mid-way "outpost." Each scored moon rock is worth 2 points.

This year’s game promises to be unlike any other, as penalties for bumping and pinning have been removed.

Similarly to past years, the game consists of two periods: an autonomous period and a teleoperated period.

During the first 15 seconds of every match, robots must act on their own using pre-programmed code and sensor inputs.

The next two minutes of the game are teleoperated; robots are human controlled.

Each outpost has four special game pieces called "Empty Cells." These pieces can be scored like any other moon rock, but they can also be brought to each alliance station, where they can be exchanged for "Super Cells." Super Cells are allowed to enter play during the last 20 seconds of the match, and are worth 15 points.