Logo Motion

This year's FIRST Robotics Competition game, "Logo Motion", is played by two opposing alliances, each composed of three robots.  These robots are designed to hang game pieces (inflated plastic triangles, circles, and squares) on their alliance's scoring grid. 

During the Autonomous Period, the first 15 seconds of the match, robots attempt to hang yellow "Übertubes" on the alliance scoring grid, independently of any driver input. 

During the remaining two minutes, the Teleoperated Period, the drive teams control the robots.  Alliances score points for each game piece that is placed on their scoring grid.  Additional points are awarded for pieces that are hung in the shape of the FIRST logo, or are placed on the same peg as an Ubertube.  Human players must decide whether to “feed” their game pieces to alliance robots, or strategically throw the pieces onto the game field from their human player station. 

During the end game, robots may deploy "minibots", which race to the top of a vertical pole to score up to 30 bonus points for their alliance.