Great Give 2016

Written by Deb Pontbriant & Renee Pontbriant on April 24, 2016

Shelton Robotics Team, Parents, Friends and Supporters,

As we get ready to head to St. Louis for the World Championship, we are excited for the possibilities that lie ahead for our team and the opportunities that we can create for each other. We will be participating in our only fundraising activity of the year: The Great Give 2016. Our participation in this event will help us fund the many expenses associated with our team's operations. It is critical that everyone give their best effort to insure the greatest success.

The Great Give is a 36 hour Online giving campaign where we ask our families, friends and supporters to donate to our team through this once-a-year online event. The program is directly associated with the Valley Community Foundation and the money raised during this time will be matched by the foundation! We are also eligible for additional prize money in several categories.

More Information here: