Shelton High School Robotics Program

Shelton High School Robotics Program Written by Shelton Life on March 30, 2009

The Shelton High School Robotics Team recently finished their llth year of participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition. This years' team travelled to regional competitions in Hartfond, CT and Boston, MA and also participated in the National Championship event held each year in Adanta, Georgia.  Over 25 students, 11 engineer mentors and several teachers and parents were a part of this years' team. ... Read More

Senior Vice President, Science and Technology, represents UTC at Connecticut FIRST Robotics Competit

Senior Vice President, Science and Technology, represents UTC at Connecticut FIRST Robotics Competit Written by UTC on July 18, 2010

Senior Vice President, Science and Technology Dr. J. Michael McQuade represented UTC at the 2009 Connecticut FIRST Robotics Competition, delivering a message about the value of science and innovation to 62 teams of high school students, representing nine U.S. states.   Were a company built on innovation and this principle dates back to our founders, McQuade said, referencing the problem-solving... Read More

Food Drive Success

Food Drive Success Written by T.J. Lipscomb on February 14, 2009

As many people know, Shelton High School was hit by a devastating fire on December 30, 2008. This fire caused millions of dollars in damage and left the school closed for a weekright at the beginning of the FIRST build season.However, the fire did more than just displace the Shelton student body. The Shelton Food Bank, located at the school, was completely wiped out during the fire. The food bank... Read More

Pre-season Shakedown

Written by T.J. Lipscomb and Emily Spoldi on February 14, 2009

The Suffield Shakedown is the perfect way to start the competition spirit flowing.The pre-season competition gives teams a good idea of how competition matches will work, and gives everyone time to practice driving and operating their robots on an official field.Even with a 2 hour delay caused by robot communication issues, all teams behaved with gracious professionalism. As soon as things began working... Read More

Minor Set Back

Minor Set Back Written by Kelli Freer on January 05, 2009

For Robotics Team 230, the robot build season was right around the corner and seemed like it would go as planned. However, alternative plans had to be made when a fire occurred at the school on Tuesday, December 30th, causing the school to be closed to all faculty and staff. Students and staff were informed that Thursday that the school would be closed until Monday, January 12, a full week after students... Read More

2009 Game - Lunacy

2009 Game - Lunacy Written by Sean Wilson on January 03, 2009

Ever wanted to be an astronaut? A basketball player? Well, this year's FIRST Robotics Competition, dubbed "Lunacy," is for you!Rather than carpet, the the game is played on a special, low friction, material that simulates the surface and low gravity environment on the moon.Each robot is attached to a trailer that resembles a large basket with a pole in the middle. The goal of the game is for each robot... Read More

Another Successful Auction

Written by Kelli Freer on December 11, 2008

During the build season, there is limited time to do many of the things that are necessary for the team to team function. This is why the pre-season and post-season periods are critical. Before the kickoff, Team 230 works diligently to raise funds and prepare for the upcoming season so that the short, six week build season can be dedicated to building an award-winning robot. The Dinner and Auction... Read More