End of the Year Fun!

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on June 18, 2004

Saturday, June 19, was another bright and early day for the Gaelhawks. Team members were gathered outside of the Echo Hose Ambulance Corps, armed with sponges, power washers, and towels, ready to take on the cars coming to be washed. This 4th Annual Robotics Car Wash began at 9 in the morning and lasted until 1 in the afternoon, leaving most team members soaked and sunburned, but still happy. The... Read More

24 Hours of Honor

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on June 04, 2004

The sky is dark, but vision isn?t a problem. Hundreds of candles have been lit, honoring those who have survived cancer, and those who lost the battle. People young and old walk the track, holding their candles and remembering their loved ones.This is the candlelight vigil at Relay for Life, the 24-hour walkathon benefiting the American Cancer Society. On June 5-6th, the Gaelhawks participated in this... Read More

Southern Success - 2004 FIRST Robotics Championships

Southern Success - 2004 FIRST Robotics Championships Written by Samantha Lipscomb on April 13, 2004

It?s seven o?clock in the morning, and the bus is packed with energetic, excited students, teachers, and engineers. If anyone is tired because of the early trip, it certainly doesn?t show ? who could sleep when the Gaelhawks are going to Nationals?All of Team 230?s hard work and regional success have led up to this ? the 2004 FIRST Robotics Championship Competition, held in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta,... Read More

Clean Sweep at UTC!

Clean Sweep at UTC! Written by Alicia Cox on March 20, 2004

Orange flags were waving, students were screaming, and adults were dying their hair orange. No team member could have believed what was taking place this year at the 2004 UTC New England Regional, right in front of their very eyes. What was so exciting, you ask? The Gaelhawks were winning. It has been six years since Team 230?s induction into FIRST Robotics: six years of difficult but enjoyable work.... Read More

Reading Robots

Written by Kristin Lundberg on March 02, 2004

To continue the tradition of community outreach, the Shelton High School Robotics Team has once again participated in the Read Across America Program with one of the local elementary schools. This year, the team paid two visits to Mohegan Elementary School. The purpose of these visits was to promote the importance of reading to the elementary children and to demonstrate the importance of science and... Read More

Niski Noticed Nationally in New Hampshire!

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on January 09, 2004

Team 230, the Gaelhawks, is gathered around the projector screen, all waiting eagerly for the clock to read ten o'clock and the webcast to begin. Breakfast has just been served, and everyone's pens are poised, ready to record this year's game. Members have had two months to get to know each other, and different groups are interacting throughout the room. Engineers and teachers are all present, except... Read More

Going Once, Going...Fourth

Going Once, Going...Fourth Written by Kristin Lundberg on December 03, 2003

This year?s 4th annual Dinner and Auction Fundraiser took place without a hitch. On December 4th, 2003 the Shelton High School cafeteria was filled with eager bidders ready to purchase items from the large selection of prizes, donated to the team from friends and community businesses. Those in attendance included students, faculty, engineers, family, and friends of the Gaelhawks, who supported the... Read More

Around the World

Written by Samantha Lipscomb and Elissa Voccola on September 12, 2003

On September 13, 2003, Team 230 was invited to Pitney Bowes to participate in their annual Pitney Bowes Diversity Festival, a cultural celebration held for Pitney Bowes employees and their families. The Gaelhawks were very honored to attend, and had an awesome time participating in the games and events.Members of the team arrived at the Shelton facility of Pitney Bowes at 9:00 AM to set up the robot,... Read More

Starting Early-Junior Robotics!

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on September 30, 2003

While Shelton High School Robotics Team members spend six weeks constructing a robot with power drills and wires, Shelton Intermediate School LEGO League members spend eight weeks building a mini-bot out of, guess what...? Legos! FIRST has not only created an organization to help high school students become involved in science and technology, but a program to enlist younger students to the cause... Read More