End of the Year Car Wash and Picnic

End of the Year Car Wash and Picnic Written by Samantha Lipscomb on June 03, 2005

Every year, the Gaelhawks combine having fun with giving back to the community at their Car Wash and Picnic event. On Saturday, June 4, 2005, team members gathered at Echo Hose Ambulance Corps and spent the next four hours scrubbing down cars.After a great turnout, Team 230 began to clean up in order to enjoy the great weather at the end-of-the-year picnic. Students and adults alike showed up at... Read More

FIRST Robotics Championship

FIRST Robotics Championship Written by Nicole Misencik on April 20, 2005

In addition to the 30 regional events held world-wide each year, FIRST holds one Championship event open to all teams. The FIRST Robotics National Championship Event generally attracts over 400 teams from all over the United States, and all over the world, and puts them all under one roof to compete for one title: FIRST Robotics Champions.Team 230 sent about twenty students down to Atlanta, Georgia... Read More

Robotics team returns from competition

Robotics team returns from competition Written by Art Rodia - Huntington Herald on May 04, 2005

The Shelton High School Robotics Team began its latest engineering odyssey by unpacking two large of electrical equipment on a snowy January afternoon.Packed inside were jumbled wires, wheels, assorted pipes, pieces of metal and plastic, a few electric motors, some circuit boards, and various electrical components.  “They give each robotics team two crates basically filled with junk,” said team tri-captain... Read More

Shelton High School Campus Clean-Up

Shelton High School Campus Clean-Up Written by Shelton Life – Volume 12, issue 2 June 2005 on June 01, 2005

April is Earth Month.   It's the time of year when the flowers and trees start blooming, the grass begins to turn green, and the temperature rises, if ever so slightly.  It's also time for spring cleaning - out with the old, in with the new.  On Saturday, April 16, more than 150 students, staff members, and parents gave spring cleaning a new meaning, as they participated in the fifth annual Shelton... Read More

UTC New England Regional

UTC New England Regional Written by Sam Hopkins on March 10, 2005

On Thursday, March 10, 2005, the Gaelhawks set out on a long, early bus ride to the UTC New England Regional Competition, a three day event that the team attends every year.Inside the Meadows Music Theater, every team was working hard to make sure their robots were ready for the practice rounds, and the pits were buzzing with the sound of power tools and excited teenagers.Thursday was a day filled... Read More

Bolt Into Reading

Bolt Into Reading Written by Claire Szeker on March 01, 2005

As part of Team 230's belief in giving back to the community, the Gaelhawks participates in the Read Across America Program at local elementary schools every year. Members of the team traveled to Booth Hill to showcase the 2005 robot and hold a kick-off for their reading challenge period.After a demonstration with the previous year's robot, the team presented its informational video explaining more... Read More

Shelton High School Robotics Program

Written by Shelton Life on May 01, 2005

The Shelton High School robotics team extended its business sponsorship to include UTCSikorsky, the Shelton Board of Education, and Pitney Bowes, as well as numerous community contributors to organize a team for the F.l.R.S.T (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition.  Shelton’s Robotics Team performed admirably this year, reaching the finals in the New England... Read More

Dinner and a Robot

Dinner and a Robot Written by Claire Szeker on December 01, 2004

Thursday, December 2, 2004, marked the Gaelhawks' 5th Annual Dinner and Auction Fundraiser. The auction took place in the Shelton High cafeteria, as always, and made quite an uproar.The team members started planning for the event a month in advance, soliciting local businesses and companies for items that could be auctioned off to help raise funds for the team. After all the items were collected they... Read More

Starting the Season Off Right

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on October 25, 2004

Every year, FIRST holds a competition kickoff in January to let every team in on the big secret that has been kept from them for months ? what the new game will be. While this kickoff may be one important day in the course of a year, for Shelton High School Robotics Team 230 this is certainly not the beginning. By the time January rolls around, the Gaelhawks have been involved in multiple activities,... Read More

Team 230 Has a Blast at the Bash

Team 230 Has a Blast at the Bash Written by Bryan Stuart on October 01, 2004

The Bash at the Beach has, over the last few years, been an event that amplifies the true spirit of F.I.R.S.T. Robotics, and this year was no different. Hosted by Team 236, the Techno Ticks, and Team 521, the Leet Crew, this annual bash is a place where teams can get together for a friendly rematch of the previous season?s competition. This year, twenty-nine teams attended the bash, and what a show... Read More

Gaelhawks Go Global

Gaelhawks Go Global Written by Elissa Voccola on September 10, 2004

On September 11, 2004, the parking lot of the Shelton Pitney Bowes facility was transformed into a multicultural market. On the left, Mexican food and a giant Humvee could be found, and on the right, there was rock climbing and origami. In the middle of it all was Team 230, the Gaelhawks, bringing a little bit of technology into the worldly mix.This was the 2004 Pitney Bowes Diversity Fair, an event... Read More

Lots of LEGO League!

Lots of LEGO League! Written by Samantha Lipscomb on October 20, 2004

Before the FIRST Robotics competition season even starts for Team 230, FIRST Junior Robotics Team 3427, the SIS Thundering Tigers, are hard at work, getting ready for their own competitions.The Tigers are part of the FIRST Lego League, and have participated in this year?s game, No Limits, since October 2004, spending weeks building and programming their robot. No Limits is a game portraying the difficulty... Read More