Battle Cry!

Written by Tom Keegan on June 23, 2006

Battle Cry was one off season competition attended by the Gaelhawks over the summer of this year. Held at WPI in Worchester, Massachusetts, team 230 was represented by a select few team members and several adults. At first, there was some confusion about who was to drive and operate, seeing as the designated drivers and operators could not attend, but that was soon straightened out. 230?s reliable... Read More

FIRST honors UTC with Founder's Award

Written by UTC on May 04, 2006

Having 12 UTC-sponsored teams competing at the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) national robotics championship last week was impressive. Even more impressive was UTC's winning FIRST's esteemed 2006 Founder's Award.   The award is presented annually for exceptional service in advancing the ideals and mission of FIRST, which is intended to spark young people's interest... Read More

Gaelhawks Shine at Home Regional

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on March 11, 2006

The Gaelhawks attended their home state regional, the UTC New England Regional, on March 9th-11th, held for the first time in the all-new Hartford Convention Center. Teams from all over New England travelled to northern Connecticut for the competition, which housed FIRST Lego League and FIRST Vex competitions as well as the FIRST Robotics Competition. All 41 teams put on a good show, exercising spirit... Read More

Read Across America

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on March 03, 2006

The Gaelhawks not only spread the message of FIRST by competing in regional competitions and appealing to sponsors. Team 230 also focuses on targetting a younger audience, one that can be excited about a future involved with the team. On March 3rd, members of the Shelton High School Robotics Team ventured to Sunnyside Elementary School in order to participate in their Read Across America program.... Read More

Winter War Zone

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on February 18, 2006

Two days before the 2006 construction season was scheduled to end, the Gaelhawks went to war. Winter War Zone, that is. The off-season scrimmage, sponsored by Aces High, Team 176, was held in the gymnasium of Suffield Middle School and attended by 25 New England robotics teams. Talon VII did consistently well throughout the competition, scoring the first autonomous goal of the day. Team 230 was... Read More

Aim High - 2006 Competition Kickoff!

Written by Brendon Wall on January 07, 2006

Every year, the majority of high schoolers counts down the days until December vacation, and that exciting holiday, Christmas. It is only a select few that turn their sights to the weeks after, counting down to the most important part of their year. Once January 1st comes around, members of FIRST Robotics Teams have only one thing on their mind: the Competition Kickoff that will announce the year\'s... Read More

Talon VII Ships!

Written by AJ Keegan on February 21, 2006

This year Team 230 was given the task that it?s been hoping to have for many years: to build a robot that uses projectile launching. Talon VII embraces this task as well, using a dual wheel shooting mechanism mounted on the top of the robot. It can launch approximately 5 balls every 10 seconds at maximum range and even more at a shorter range. The launcher is fed by a belt-driven gatherer and feeding... Read More

Another Successful Auction

Another Successful Auction Written by Nancy Szeker on December 02, 2005

"Going once, going twice, sold!" was heard as the gavel rang down, closing bidding at the 6th Annual Dinner and Auction, the premier fundraiser for the Shelton High School FIRST Robotics Team. The event, held early in December, often gives attendees an opportunity to pick up that perfect gift for the "hard to please".Offerings in Chinese, Silent, and Live auction formats are donations of unique goods... Read More

2006 Season Kickoff

Written by Samantha Lipscomb on October 20, 2005

On Thursday, October 20, 2005, team members and parents, veterans and first year participants alike, met in the SHS Media Center for the annual Team 230 Kickoff Event. Marking the end of the recruitment period and the beginning of a new season, this event is important for giving parents the information they need regarding exactly what the team is and does. Louis Schmecker, John Niski, and Tracey... Read More

Bash at the Beach

Bash at the Beach Written by Samantha Lipscomb on October 07, 2005

Even with summer over and done with, the Gaelhawks still know how to have fun. Bash at the Beach, an off-season competition sponsored by fellow robotics Team 236, the Techno Ticks, was held on Saturday, October 8, 2005. Teams from all over Connecticut attended the event, which sported a Hawaiian beach theme. Team 230 did well throughout the qualification matches, ranking 17th out of 24 due to penalties... Read More

Pitney Bowes' Diversity Day

Pitney Bowes' Diversity Day Written by Tom Victor on September 09, 2005

Every year, Gaelhawk sponsor Pitney Bowes hosts a cultural fair, known as Diversity Day. This event, held on Saturday, September 10, 2005, celebrates all of the wonderful ethic groups that make up our nation. Groups representing many different countries, cultures, and people set up tables, offering anyone who attends food, music, and fun.Due to Team 230's partnership with Pitney Bowes, the Robotics... Read More

Lego League Mentored by Gaelhawks

Lego League Mentored by Gaelhawks Written by Tom Victor on December 03, 2005

Team 230 not only participates in their own competition, but also extends a helping hand to the younger students interested in science and technology. For the past four years the Gaelhawks have acted as mentors to the Shelton Intermediate School FIRST Lego League team, Team 4305. The SIS Thundering Tigers, starting in October, spent weeks building and programming their robot preparing for their competitions.The... Read More