Zone Zeal

The Zone Zeal was one of the few years that the team completely revamped their design mid-build season.  What started off to be a single goal capturing ball feeding robot morphed into a double goal grabbing design with two secret weapons; a fith-wheel to allow the robot with its captive goals to spin, and pneumatic activated feet to hold it in place.  Along with a philosophy of continuous improvemt at each regional 230 ended up with a highly effective goal contoling machine with a double strike end-zone scoring capability with it scissor gates.  This work paid off.  230 was an Archimedes Finalist missing Einstein by only inches with one of the end-zone scoring mechanisms.


2002 was also the first year the the team Engineering Mentors created the Engineers Scholarship Award.  This award entirely financed by the Engineers themselves with no outside donations was created to help the teams top college bound student with a monatary award of 00.


2002 Events

·         SBPLI Long Island Regional – Suffolk County Community College West Campus, Brentwood, NY March 14-16, 2002

o   Delphi "Driving Tomorrow's Technology"

o   Regional Quarter-finalist

·         UTC New England Regional - New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT April 4-6, 2002

o   Xerox Creativity

o   Regional Quarter-finalist

·         The Championship Event – Walt Disneyworld Epcot, Orlando, FL April 25-27, 2002

o   Archimedes Division Finalist


Team Awards

·         Founder’s Award – Szeker Engineering, Inc.

·         Talon Award – Anne Szeker

·         Unsung Hero Award – Jen Vogl / Chris Bertuccio

·         Spirit Award – Fred Samoskevich

·         Best Driver Award – Dave Wickers

·         Engineer's Award – Dave Wickers

·         Engineers' Scholar – Chris Bertuccio


Community Events

·         2nd Annual Gaelhawks Dinner & Auction, Shelton High School, Shelton, CT November 30, 2001

·         Read Across America - Sheltion CT February 25-29, 2002

·         Special Olympics of Connecticut - Yale University, New Hven, CT June 1-2, 2002

·         Relay for Life - Shelton High School, Shelton, CT June 22, 2002


Off-Season Competitions

·         3rd Annual Bash@theBeach - Lyme-Old Lyme High School, Old Lyme, CT August 18, 2001

   o   Grace Under Pressure Award

      ·         UTC Scrimmage – Suffield High School, Suffield, CT


Students                           Teachers

Crystal Abbott                   Tracy Hussey

Matt Alyward                    John Niski

Jen Arsen                          Lou Schmecker

Chuck Baugh                     Helen Scully

Chris Bertucio                   Kerry Taylor

David Chapman

John DiBiasi                       Engineers

Robert Duguay                  Jim Alston

Sergei Golos                      Dale Bailey

Stephen Gomes                 Charles Baugh

Bob Hagh                           John Gomes

Katherine Harris                Steve Kline

Dave Hiscock                    Jack Luckachina

David Holden                    Bob Lundberg

Soren Ibsen                       Herman Szeker

Claire Luckachina             Henry Voegeli

Kevin Lundberg                 Richard Vogl

Kyle Mosher                     Scott Wurms

Chris Parrs                        Paul Zito

Mike Persico

Brett Rocheleau               Parents

Fred Samoskevich            Kevin Alyward

Chris Sawyer                    Susan Alyward

Brian Spinetti                   Rebecca Baugh

Steve Symski                    Barbara Bertucio

Anne Szeker                     Kathy Dugay

Brian Taronjii                   Nanacy Gomes

Jennifer Vogl                    Robert Harris

Dave Wickers                   Emily Harris

Brian Yarsawich               Mary Jo Zito

Kimberly Zito