Stack Attack

The year of the Stack Attack was the most sucessful year for Team 230.  We had patienly built up a susanable organization over the pas four years and were the most active in our community out reach in the teams history.  This along with a stroke of luck that Team 236, the Techno ticks, decided to bypass the Connecticut Regional for their Chairmans Aword submission opened the door for us to win the Award this year.


Stack Attack stated out being an exciting game where constructing stacks for points out of plastic bins seemed like a winning stratagy.  230s low profile, grabbing arm, platform raising robot was a master at this craft and it it carried us through the qualification matches to the quater-finals in New England.  By the time we attended Philadelphia the game had degenerated into a box smashing, king of the hill, battlebots pushing match.  Despite re-designs  It proved too little, too late for us to be a contender.



2003 Events

·         UTC New England Regional - Meadows Music Theater, Hartford CT March 13-15, 2003

o   Regional Chairman's Award

·         Philadelphia Regional – Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA March 27-29, 2003

o   DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit Award

·         The Championship Event – Reliant Park, Houston, TX April 10-12, 2003


Team Awards

·         Founder’s Award – Rick Vogl

·         Unsung Hero Award – Jen Vogl

·         Engineers' Scholar – Alica Cox


Community Events

·         Team 230 Mentoring of Shelton Intermediate FLL Team, the Thundering Tigers, Shelton High School, Shelton, CT November thru December, 2002

·         Team 230 Certificate of Appreciation Presentation to Shelton Board of Education - Elizabeth Shelton School, Shelton CT November 20, 2002

·         Thanksgiving for those in Need - St. Vincent DePaul Shoppe - Derby, CT November 25, 2002

·         Gaelhawks Dinner & Auction 2002

·         Adopt-a-Family – Providing Christmas to local families in need

·         Relay for Life - 2003

·         Special Olympics of Connecticut 2003


Off-Season Competitions

·         4th Annual Bash@theBeach - Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School, Old Lyme, CT October 26, 2002

·         UTC Scrimmage – Suffield High School, Suffield, CT



Students                           Teachers

Matt Alyward                     Tracy Hussey

John Barnstein                   Tina Litchenberger

Gary Bernacki                    John Niski

Michelle Caffe                   Lou Schmecker

Alicia Cox                           Helen Scully

Robert Duguay                   Kerry Taylor

Katy Giordano

Bob Hagh                           Engineers

Dave Hiscock                     Dale Bailey

Soren Ibsen                        John Gomes

Katie Jacob                        Paul Ibsen

Allen Keegan                     Steve Kline

Samantha Lipscomb          Clement Lespinasse

Claire Luckachina              Jack Luckachina

Kristen Lundberg               Bob Lundberg

Chris Ly                              Kevin Simmons

Jen Macchiarelli                 Herman Szeker

Erin McLaughlin                 Jeff Twarog

 Kyle Mosher                       Henry Voegeli

Steven O'Conner                Rick Vogl

Chris Parrs                         Paul Zito

Mike Persico 

Yanni Psaltis                      Parents

Brian Rak                           Kevin Alyward

Brett Rocheleau                Susan Alyward

Chris Sawyer                      Nancy Gomes

Stephanie Skiffington        Mary Jo Zito               

Bryan Stuart

Steve Symski

Claire Szeker

Mike Terenzio

Tom Victor

Elissa Voccola

Kevin Wang

Dave Wickers

Brian Yarsawich

Kim Zito