The thought behind the Team 230 robot design was maneuverability.  It was expected that the low traction surface would cause more difficulty for drivers than turned out to be true.  As a result of this decision severe compromises were made on how 230 would play in this game.  The unique shape, clearly out of the box thinking, nullified the ability to gather moon rocks from the floor.  Talon X proved to be a bot that was hard to score on but the lack of an offensive capability keep it out of the running this year.
2009 proved to be challenging year.  The introduction of a new control system, the switch from radio control to wifi, as well as the mandatory use of slip wheels to match the floor were only part of it.  The High School had a fire keeping 230 away from its shop for a couple of weeks at the start of the build season.  The theft of the the teams cRIO and other electronic components fron the Boston Regional Venue almost cancelled their Championship appearance.  Yet despite all of this the team persevered and ended on a high note by being part of the Where Is Wolcott Invitational winning alliance for the second year running.








 2009 Events

         Boston Regional  - Agganis Arena at Boston University, Boston, MA March 5-7, 2009

         Connecticut Regional - Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford CT March 26-28, 2009

     o   Xerox Creativity Award

o    Webcast provided curtesy of Team 230o   Webcast provided curtesy of Team 230

         FIRST Championship - Georgia Dome - Atlanta, GA  April 16-18, 2009


Team Awards

         Founder's Award - Mr. Paul Zito

         Talon Award - TJ Lipscomb

         Unsung Hero Award - Emily Spoldi / Kelli Freer

         Spirit Award - Ben Barnstein

         Rookie All-Star - Nick Mandrona  / Ryan Rousell

         Engineering Inspiration - Tom Keegan

         Volunteer of the Year - Tom Miscencik

         Engineers' Scholar - Tom Keegan


Community Events

         Team 230 Mentoring of Shelton Intermediate FLL Team, the Thundering Tigers, Shelton High School, Shelton, CT September thru December, 2008

         Pitney Bowes Diversity Day - Pitney Bowes Shelton Facility, Shelton, CT September 20, 2008

        Sikorsky Family Day, Sikorsky Aircraft Stratford Facility, Stratford, CT October 11, 2008

        Special Olympics Holiday Classic Bowling- Milford Bowling Lanes, Milford, CT November 22, 2008

         FLL Bridgeport Qualifying Event - FIRST Lego League Connecticut State Qualifying Event hosted by Team 230 University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT December 6, 2008

         FLL Connecticut State Championship - Team 230 Student & Mentor Judges Central Connecticut State University, New Britian, CT December 14, 2008

         Gaelhawks Dinner & Auction - Shelton High School, Shelton, CT December 11, 2008

         Team 230 & Team 558 FRC Mentor Sharing - Shelton High School & Hill Regional Career High School - Build Season 2009

        Mentoring Rookie Team FRC 2862 - Stamford, CT January thru March, 2009

         Read Across America - A reading incentive program for Elementary Schools Long Hill School March 2, 2009

        Car Wash  with the Youth Services Youth-to-Youth Group - Echo Hose Ambulance Station - Shelton, CT May 30, 2009

         Robotics Demonstration & Recruitment Drive - Shelton Intermediate School. Shelton. CT June 11, 2009

        Team 230 picnic, Miscenik Residence, Shelton, CT June 26, 2009

         Adopt-a-Family Providing Christmas to local families in need

         Shelton Food Bank Soliciting donations of canned goods and non-perishables for local families in need


Off-Season Competitions

         Suffield Shakedown Suffield High School, Suffield, CT February 14, 2009

         o   Webcast provided curtesy of Team 230

        10th Annual Bash@theBeach - Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School, Old Lyme, CT October 18, 2008

         BattleCry10@WPI - WPI Harrington Auditorium, Worcester, MA May 8-9, 2009

         2nd Annual here Is Wolcott Invitational - Wolcott High School, Wolcott, CT June 13, 2009

o   Volunteer Award - Rick Vogl

o   Champions


Students                           Teachers

Jose Alvarado                    John Niski

Ben Barnstien                    Lou Schmecker

Kyle Chen                          Kerry Taylor

Catherine Cheu 

Chelsea Cox                      Engineers

Aaron Egensteiner            Dale Bailey Jr.

Kelli Freer                         Tom Farrelly

Thomas Keegan                John Gomes

Daniel Lavigne                  Sam Keegan

TJ Lipscomb                      Steven Kline

Nicholas Mandrona          Robert Lundberg

Ed McCann                       John Miller

Stephen Miller                 Tom Misencik

Leann Misencik                Laura Spoldi

Priya Mohan                     Steven Spoldi

Jonathan Niedzwiecki      Richard Vogl

Adam Patrick                    Paul Zito

Jordan Piscitelli

Mike Rak                          Parents

Ryan Roussel                   Mary Lou Barnstien

Rebecca Sabo                  Warren & Leslie Egensteiner

Nick Shigo                        Dori & Robert Freer

Emily Spoldi                      Paula Keegan

Peter Spoldi                      Susan Lipscomb

Joe Turco                          Edward & Janet McCann

Joevito Villaluz                 Chris & Holly Miller

Sean Wilson                     Roseanne Misencik

Karthik Yarlagadda           Philip & Danielle Niedzwiecki

                                          Dave & Paulette Patrick

         Lynne Piscitelli

         Al & Moira Shigo

         Patricia Turco

         Diane Rak

         Imelda Villaluz

        Ravindra & Nagamani Yarlagaddaravi