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Team 230 worked hard in 2011 to honor the loss of its founding member, Louis J. Schmecker who passed away in August 2010. 


A small but dedicated team carried on the and the team celebrated several achievements. The dedication was recognized with the presentation of the Regional Engineering inspiration award at the Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional event. The award came with an invitation to the First Championship – the last to be held in Atlanta.


2011 Events


WPI Regional - Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Worcester, MA March 18- 20 2011

-       Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox

-       Quarterfinalists

Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional - Connecticut Convention Center - Hartford, CT  April 7-9 2011

-       SimiFinalists

-       Regional Engineering Inspiration Award.

FIRST Championship - Georgia Dome - Atlanta, GA  April 14-16 2011

Community Events


-       Hosted FLL Qualifying Event at Shelton Intermediate School on December 4, 2010

-       Mentored four Lego Teams

Off-season Competition


o     12th Annual Bash@theBeach - Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School, Old Lyme, CT October, 2010

o    Suffield Shakedown - Suffield High School, Suffield, CT February, 2011

o    4th Annual Where Is Wolcott Invitational - Wolcott High School, Wolcott, CT June, 2011

o    2011 WPI BattleCry XII

Team Awards

  • Founder’s Award  - Mr. Tom Misencik                             
  • Engineering Inspiration Award – Kelli Freer
  • Talon Award – Leann Misencik
  • Unsung Hero Award  Sean Wilson
  • Lou Schmecker Dedication Award -   Peter Spoldi
  • Spirit Award (2) –Akshaya Ravishankar,   Sarah Stuart
  • Volunteer of the Year– Mr. Richard Vogl                                       
  • Rookie All-star Award  Tyler Tallo, Mark Fresa



Catherine Cheu, Kelli Freer , Leann Misencik , Priya Mohan, Ryan Roussel , Peter Spoldi

Sarah Stuart, Sean Wilson, Tyler Tallo, Mark Fresa, Josh Milano, Akshaya Ravishankar


Teachers    Kerry Taylor, John Niski  


Steven Kline, Ted Lipscomb, Tom Misencik, Laura Spoldi, Lou Schmecker, Steven Spoldi, Richard Vogl,


Dori & Robert Freer, Rose Stuart, Jerry Milano