Double Trouble


The 1998-1998 Season was the first year that Team 230 played in a FIRST Robotics Competition  Starting off life as Team MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction?,  Multi-purpose Autonomous Design?)  This team hit the ground running.  Their robot with the official name Dr. Klaw affectionately became known as the Mud Duck.   It was a slow steel framed monstrosity with a scissor lift and a cleaver mechanism that scooped up the floppy game pieces used that year.   Yet is was enough of a machine to garner the 1999 NE Rookie All-Star Award and almost took us to Einstein that year.

1999 Events

o  UTC New England Regional - Meadows Music Center - Hartford, CT March 18-20, 1999
       o  Rookie All-Star Award
oNational Championship - Walt Disney World Orlando, FL April 22-24, 1999

Team Awards
        o  Talon Award Eric Vogl





Dom Amaturo

Andrew Grant

Justin Lada

Michael Scarlata

Jason Bachman

Glenn Heyse

Laura Mariano

Craig Shaffer

Jennifer Baker

Joshua Hill

Julie Easter

Brad Smith

John Barros

Dave Holden

Sean McCaffrey

Jonathan Stern

Chuck Baugh III

David Hotchkiss

Drew Mihalik

Chuck Stewart

Chris Bertucio

Erik Ibsen

James Ordija

Ven Tadipatri

Dave Chapman

Stacy Koty

Rob Recalde

Jay Tottenham

Rachel Foglia

Kevin Lundberg

Tom Reed

Eric Vogl

Mike Frank

Michael Lasse

Elizabeth Rieth

Eric Whiteley

Sergei Golos

Matt Lawrence

Brett Rogowski

Chris Zito









Charles Baugh

Vladimir Golos

Larry Reed

Richard VogI

Paula Bachman

Judy Heyse

Debbie Rogowski

Nancy Whiteley

Barbara Bertucio

Glenn Lawrence

Rich Rogowski

Paul Zito









Ron Mileski

John Niski

Kerry Taylor

Lou Schmecker





Engineers/ Sikorsky Support



Tom Dannenhoffer

Sue Hitchcock

Liz Sheppard

Henry Voegeli

Al Hatchimonji

Robert Lundberg