Co-Opertition FIRST - Talon

For the 1999-2000 competition Team 230 decided to take our level of engineering excellance up a notch.  With a welded frame, a roller based ball gathering mechanism, an awesome arm dual purposed as a scoring and hanging mechanism we considered ourselves at the top of our game.

For Team 230 this year proved to be quite a learning experience.  A sophisticated mechanism was designed around a venturi vacuum system to suck up the balls, hold them in in our arm, and score.  An impellor was manufactured out of aluminum angle and encased in Lexan driven by a Fisher Price motor.  This proved to be an effective but highly illegal according to the rules of this competition method of gathering balls.  Once discoverd  this promted an all night re-design the day before ship.

Team 230 also discovered that welding aluminum is very difficult.  There were several broken welds repaired during the season.  We also discovered that side loads on certain electric motors do make a significant difference.  Our dorect drive drill motor transmission moved the robot very little before the breakers were tripped.

Valuable lessons were learned this year.  From our failures we emerged a better team.