Aim High - Talon VII

Talon VII

For the Aim High year, Team 230 came up with another award-winning robot. It featured an R2D2-esque spinning turret that turned to allow the robot to shoot balls from a launcher inspired by a football launcher. A loading system inside the turret was able to hold many balls and could auto-load to make sure a ball was always ready to shoot. Talon VII also made use of the CMU Cam, which automatically spun the turret to keep the robot aimed at all times.

Ball Launcher

The team chose to score in the high goal rather than pushing balls into the low goal. To accomplish this, team members took inspiration from a football launcher that used two horizontally mounted wheels to throw footballs. The result is a two-speed, CIM motor powered ball launcher capable of firing from almost the middle of the field.


In order to accurately shoot the balls, Talon VII is equipped with a "turret" that is capable of spinning up to 90 degrees from forward. The turret uses CMU Cam and the green light to keep itself properly aimed during the offensive period. This turret allowed 230 to score accurately many times in autonomous, where the robot is completely self controlled.