FIRST Overdrive - Talon IX

Talon IX

For their 10th year, the Gaelhawks came up with an amazing robot. Talon IX quickly and efficiently accomplishes all of the tasks of the 2008 FIRST Overdrive game. Not only can it knock trackballs off the overpass in hybrid mode and hurdle durin the teleoperated period, but it is capable of placing the balls at the end of the round, too.


Talon IX uses a pneumatic-powered lift and dump to score. The robot picks up the trackball by pushing it against the wall. The trackball then rolls right up into the scoring mechanism. The two "antennae" hold the ball securely in place passively, without motors or pneumatics. A pneumatic lift raises the ball to right below the overpass, and the dump then swings up and launches the ball over the overpass. However, the dump can also be used to place the ball on the overpass for end game scoring. Talon IX is even capable of descoring opponents' placed trackballs, forward or backward, without causing the other alliance to score a hurdle.


FIRST Overdrive is a game that calls for maneuverability. For this reason, Team 230's 10th robot features mechanum wheels backed by four motors. A gyro keeps the robot lined up so it is able to hold its orientation as the driver races around the field. This is critical, allowing the drive team to easily pick up track balls and hurdle without worrying about keeping the robot straight.

The team's programmers worked hard for several weeks to perfect the 'bot's autonomous mode. It makes use of both a gyro and an accelerometer to drive from its home stretch all the way past the opposing alliance's home stretch. It drives over 3 lines, and, using robocoach input, can knock a trackball off of either alliance's overpass. In the proper conditions, it can even knock off two trackballs!