Logo Motion- Talon XII

The Gaelhawk's 2011 robot, Talon XII, is a very versatile robot.  It features a 4-wheel mecanum drive system, which enables the robot to slide left and right, rotate on its axis, and travel forwards and backwards.  It uses a gyroscopic stabilization system, which enables it to maintain its heading by counteracting any force exerted on it with an equal force by the mecanum drive. 

In order to score game pieces, Talon XII utilizes an extending arm with a 140 degree range of motion, able to extend to a height of 9 feet.  The wide range of motion and the extension length enable the robot to score on any row of pegs with ease, as well as to reach behind and grab game pieces from the feeder without having to turn around.  Its claw features a unique system of rollers, which grab and hold game pieces in place.  Once captured, game pieces activate a limit switch, which stops the roller.  If the game piece begins to slip, the switch is deactivated, automatically activating the rollers to pull it back into place.  The rollers also operate in reverse, enabling the claw to release game pieces quickly and accurately.

Talon XII also features a minibot and highly accurate deployment system.  The minibot is deployed via a pneumatic arm which swings out from the front left corner of the robot.  This allows the robot to drive right up against the wall and use it as a guide, ensuring quick contact every time.  The minibot is deployed from within the alliance safety zone, where it is illegal for opposing robots to make contact with our robot.  This allows us to deploy the minibot without fear of interference.  Once deployed, the minibot maintains its grip on the pole with a powerful neodymium magnet, and is able to climb to the top of the 9 foot tower in under 4 seconds.

Talon XII is a well rounded, elegant design able to handle any challenge that it might meet out on the competition field.  Combined with our well-trained and experienced drive team, it promises to be a strong force in this year's competition.