Rebound Rumble - Talon XIII

This season's game has it's newest player, Talon XIII, to play this year's challenge. This robot is the latest addition to the Gaelhawks lineup where it was given the task of launching a multitude of basketballs into baskets across a playing field. Through hard work as a team, we constructed a light sensor system to detect the backboard of the hoops to score into. This is to ensure perfect aim and acquire points faster. The sensor system locates the goals by means of the reflective tape that surrounds the basketball hoops. It uses a two wheeled shooter to score points from the lowest level which is 1 point and the highest which is 3 points. The wheels used to operate the shooter are standard 6 inches wheels. The wheels have a variaty of speeds to accommodate for distance and position from the hoops.

The need of a more efficient shooter was sought out to minimize the time needed to get into position. The engineers thought of one way to best fullfil this need and that was adding a pivoting device to the shooter. Now the shooter has the ability to swivel which gives a 180 degree shooting scope. This finely constructed turret cuts down on unnecessary readjustments and adds to shooting speed. To give the robot a little more oomph on the field a six wheel drive system was assembled to push through the opponents defenses. With the support of the two other wheels Talon XIII has superior maneuverablility to speed around the field and traction to climb up the ramps.

Of course obtaining the most points is the goal of the game so to gain an upperhand from the start, an autonomous mode was designed. Our flawlessly programmed autonomous function allows us to quickly score 2-3 points in autonomous giving us a huge lead. The end game this year is balancing two to three robots on a seesaw. With our perticular drive system we are able to help others climb the ramp. As seen below we have been able to achieve a three robot balance trick.