Ultimate Ascent-Talon XIV

The season has begun and Talon's back, faster, stronger, and one numeral higher. Talon XIV is built for any challenge this game can throw at it. It can shoot, it can climb, it can even block. A total of five frisbees can be held by the shooter and shot at high speeds to any designated goals. The shooter is also capable of shifting up and down to enhance accuracy and widen points range. We are now able to score between 1 to 3 points depending on where we are on the field.

To combat the issue of full court shooters our engineers have constructed a marvalous device that swats away the competition. Dubbed the flyswatter, this contraption blocks the goals to force full court shooters out from their anchored positions. Once this occures Talon XIV quickly transitions to offensive mode and rapid fires frisbees until the full court shooter has maneuvered its way back to its stationary position. From there we of course block then repeat.

 The end game this year has the robots climbing up a jungle gym looking pyrimad. The first level is 10 points the second level is 20 points and the third level which is the highest you can go is 30 points. Talon is able to utilize a three hook system where one hook grabs the bar and pulls up and the two other hooks hold the robot in place. Unfornately we cannot reach the third level becuase the third level can't fit all of our robots magnificences in the little room there is.Yet again our crack programming team have contrived a flawless autonomous mode to outscore our rivals on the field. As always we try to outdue ourselves and this years autonomous is no different. Its perfect aim allows us to score three shots every time giving us a huge lead in autonomous.