Aerial Assist- Talon XV

The robot this year, Talon XV, has been outfitted with a six wheel drive system. Our team's engineers have done so to give Talon an upper hand in defensive capabilities. One ability gained from the six wheel drive is that when push comes to shove, our robot is able to stand its ground against other robots. The robots maneuverability is also intensified by the drive system which increases the top speed. Other forms of defensive mechanisms have been constructed and equipped to Talon. Down riggers have been installed to foil any attempt by our rivals to push us around during the game. Once the down riggers are deployed our robot is quiet a formidable opponent, essentially becoming a wall.

On the offensive front the robot has long rotating antennas that pick up the ball. Due to the look of the antennas and the theme of the robot this year they have been dubbed "Loki's Horns".  Once they have gotten a hold of the ball it is moved into the scoop which places it in the launching position. From there it is struck by hammer with enough force to send it over and to goal we designate. The title bestowed to this device is the "Hammer of Thor". It gains enough force to launch the ball by using its own momentum when it is released and swings around to hit its target. The last add-on to the robot this year that I can speak of is the pusher. It is able to either push a ball away or other robots if need be in a pinch. It is mounted in the front of the robot in between the feelers to reach the ball easier.